As a GIA Graduate Gemologist and avid lover of natural rocks and minerals, Cari is an invaluable resource for jewelry designers. For designers, working on a price point specific item choosing inferior, unstable, low quality or very common commercial gemstones often is their only option. Cari’s vast knowledge of gemstones, varieties and species, rarities, and her accessibility to sources, make her the go to person for jewelry designers who are not gemologists. Current collaborations with master metalsmiths, including an exclusive collection with Elizabeth Ann Tokoly of Eat Metal Inc., have been commissioned to optimize the expertise and customization that Cari believes special stones and clients are seeking.
40 carat Rutilated Quartz cabachon set in 18k yellow gold, blackened Sterling Silver with fine 18K yellow gold wire inlay to mimic the rutilated inclusions within the centerpiece stone.
Quartz with a phantom crystal quartz inclusion set in a hand forged bezel made of Sterling Silver set on a wide reticulated silver cuff to mimic the texture of the interesting internal characteristics of the center stone.
Special order item available through the Pieces & Eat Metal, Inc collaboration. Blackened, forged sterling silver "circlets" with 18k yellow gold ear wire and detail. 2.75 carats total weight of Champagne diamond briolettes incorporated into an original, lightweight and flowing, hand crafted collection item created by master metalsmith and designer, Elizabeth Tokoly. Diamond drop options include a variety of shades of light brown to cognac, colorless or black diamonds in different sizes.
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