The Custom Experience

The Pieces Difference

Our mission is unique. Protection of the consumer, optimization of the client's budget, and presenting the client with a piece of timeless value and beauty are the credos of the company. Headed by GIA Graduate Gemologist, Cari Goldman, Pieces is dedicated to protection of the consumer. Untrained consumers can be fooled by unscrupulous or uneducated salespeople and dealers into purchasing jewelry with over-stated value. Knowingly or unknowingly, jewelers can sell treated, misrepresented, or manmade stones with egregious flaws that pose inherent threats to the integrity of the gem, hidden by heat treatments, fillers, or concealed under prongs. The consumer is lulled into believing that he "got a great deal". Many consumers pride themselves on knowing "the 4 C's", a marketing concept of little real value . Pieces is also dedicated to optimizing the value to be realized from the customer's budget. Cari sources stones from the best domestic and international wholesalers and as appropriate, deals directly with the mines. Once the stone has been sourced and selected, Cari is able to design a unique piece, according to the taste and budget of each client. Trained in fabrication by some of New York's top metalsmiths and designers, Cari is equipped to guide each client in designing a piece to best display, enhance, and protect the selected stones. Cari, the principal consulting gemologist and designer, helps each client to plan, select, and enjoy their precious stones and jewelry. Armed with her extensive knowledge from the GIA and her penchant for fairness and honesty, honed at Duke University as a Public Policy Studies graduate, Cari will ensure that your purchase is beautiful, of timeless value, and comfortable. The PIECES experience is worry free and enjoyable. The look is elegant, sexy and timeless.

Other Services

Cari is a recognized ethical, professional and experienced appraiser. Her training includes but is not limited to continuing education through GemWorld International, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee and the GIA. Cari’s expertise has proven invaluable for her clients, specifically with their retail replacement appraisal coverage. She is available by appointment only for retail replacement insurance appraisals relating to new and old jewelry, antique or heirloom items, as well as fair market value appraisals. Cari maintains a network of top professionals in the valuation field and is always happy to direct clients to independent experts on any and all matters relating to insurance coverage for fine art personal property coverage. Pieces welcomes customers to set up an appointment to have their valuable items appraised while waiting in the privacy of the NYC location.

Re-design of old jewelry and loose stones
Cari can give your heirloom items, previously purchased mounted or loose diamonds and gemstones a revitalized look and modern appeal by updating the setting. Alternatively, if you’d like to recreate the look of a vintage piece, Cari can assist with your most delicate concerns. Hand drawn renderings as well as 3D CAD images are among options offered.

Sale of preowned watches, stones, metals and jewelry
Cari can personally assess the value of old pieces in your collection and assist your efforts to sell those of value either to auction houses or dealers, ensuring that you are treated fairly and receive competitive cash amounts.

Diamond education 101
Couples and individuals often feel overwhelmed when facing the challenge of finding the perfect diamond for an engagement ring or diamond stud earrings. Customers can make an appointment to learn the basics of maximizing the “bling for your buck” as well as to see a selection of diamonds to exemplify the range of options so that each client is empowered to make educated, confident purchase decisions.