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Build Your Gemstone Collection With Confidence

Services available for the trade and the discerning private client:

Cari Goldman has built a personal gem collection over the years from around the world, establishing herself an individual with a keen eye and intricate understanding of the world of gems to assess their value today & understand which gems and locations have great potential as the worldwide market becomes aware of and intrigued by lesser known natural wonders. Cari works with an elite, prestigious, ethically minded and professional network to source her gemstones with care, compliance with trade regulations, and precision. Industry professionals specializing in rare colored diamonds, rare colored gemstones and polished diamonds can rely on Cari to assist them with their own collections, albeit to diversify their offerings or to inspect the quality and value of their private collections. Similarly, Cari will collaborate with designers looking to enhance their own work with gems that distinctly reflect their design aesthetic and unique styles.

Pieces by Cari, LLC offers gem selection and custom one of a kind design services

Today, rampant consumerism has given way to thoughtful collecting of gemstones and jewelry. Serious jewelry lovers build their collection based on knowledge and careful selection. Cari curates the collections of many private individuals or companies who are looking for sustained value and verified worth of their precious jewels. This is accomplished in steps as the owner learns more about the nature and rarity of each stone over time. Cari guides her clients so that the collection will be important years from now—as well as enchantment for today.

A personal gemstone collection for the private consumer

To build your own personal gemstone and jewelry collection that reflects your unique preferences, we invite you to consult with Cari and explain your vision. She will offer recommendations about how and where to begin, and which species and varieties of gems will constitute a world-class collection.

Her consulting and gemological services are invaluable to the private or corporate client who demands the utmost care and attention to their collection. A superb gemstone collection should bring immense joy to the client, and be a source of pride for generations to come.

If you are looking for that perfect stone to fit into a setting you already own, or want guidance on repurposing heirloom gems to create a modern piece, Cari can coordinate a consultation either in her private NYC studio or arrange for a video conference through Skype of FaceTime.

Have a look at some of the newest acquired loose gems in the Pieces by Cari collection viewable by appointment.

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